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england! by piggysxdoxfly england! :iconpiggysxdoxfly:piggysxdoxfly 2 3
paper valentines kyoya x reader
Kyoyas pov
Suoh. He was forcing us to go to another commoners activity. This time, ice skating. The girls seemed to enjoy it at least. But the girl I wish was there never was. She was a commoner, here on a scholarship. Whom people constantly looked down upon, which she would shrug it off and keep a smile on her face. Her name,(___)(___). Her (h/l) (h/c) always looked so soft to the touch and her eyes a sparkling (__). She had a 99 average, quite good to anyone's standards, and was often found studying or reading. As tamaki ranted on about how fun this was going to be I wrote down the details, to put in the invitations, which would have to be sent later today to make it on time. Because that dreaded suoh wanted it to be tommarow, valentines day....
Reader Chan's pov
An invitation? You though to yourself as you got home and it was sitting on your bed. You opened it carefully and smiled. It was from the host club to the ice skating rink. digging under your bed you found your white skates
:iconpiggysxdoxfly:piggysxdoxfly 12 4
Hello, lonely lullaby,
Hello, dainty dream....
Hello my sweet sunshine,
Hello to gypsy green
Good by, reddish roses....
Good by, dreary dark
Good by, sultry shadows,
Good by, scary shark....
For this is my lulluby,
For this is the sound,
For this is my cloud 9
For it won't touch the ground.
So hello lonely lulluby
Hello dainty dream.....
Hello my sweet sunshine
Hello to gypsy green,
Hello to gypsy green
:iconpiggysxdoxfly:piggysxdoxfly 0 0
pika! pika! by piggysxdoxfly pika! pika! :iconpiggysxdoxfly:piggysxdoxfly 3 7
host club x Rapper! reader chapter 1
You were walking down the halls of ouran, it was lunch break but it only took you so long to eat. Gratefull for the silence but it was interrupted when you heard a few girls giggling. Curious, you let your gaze fall into a music room, where up on stage was a famous rappers son. But you had to say, well he wasn't actually doing that great. He kept refering himself as an unlocked door that needs a key, and he even made some VERY POOR references to history. Finally you had enough. Walking into the room you started laughing when half his words didn't even rhyme. These were his words
"Got a problem chic, cuz your face is reminding me of a horror flick,
I'd say some thing better but there's ladies in the room,"
He paused for about 30 seconds
"So someone be gettin me a dust pan and a broom"
Now you were a commoner, and you probably would be better off if you just kept your mouth closed. Scince he was one of the most popular guys in the school.But you couldn't help with what happened next...Yo
:iconpiggysxdoxfly:piggysxdoxfly 20 7
kyoya ootori by piggysxdoxfly kyoya ootori :iconpiggysxdoxfly:piggysxdoxfly 3 0 honey! please tell me how i did! by piggysxdoxfly honey! please tell me how i did! :iconpiggysxdoxfly:piggysxdoxfly 6 1
kyoya ootori x reader chapter 2
You went to your favorite place and got a graphic tee, white with a 1up mushroom, and a green zip up hoodie , that matched with the mario mushroom green, you then went to the jeans section getting a pair of black skinny  jeans. You then got a pair of converse matching  your hoodie. And a necklace. Then when you cashed out you went to go find some commoners who knew how to dance, because you don't know how to dance and as payment you could bring them to the dance with you. After an hour of searching you found six people and took them to your mansion and  after three grueling hours of learning how to dance and you were sure you had all the dance moves down from shuffling to pop, you had the girl named Sarah do your makeup you put on your new clothes, and the others did to, seeing how before you came hone you gave them 150 dollars each to get a new outfit, including jewelry and one girl even got her hair dyed. When you told them for all there hard work they could go to the
:iconpiggysxdoxfly:piggysxdoxfly 14 20
kyoya ootori x reader chapter 1
You got out of bed at precisely 7am. Lifting the covers and getting up to stretch. Stopping at precisely 7:01 am you then went to the bathroom and took a shower ,Done at 7:10. Putting on your makeup and curling your hair, done at 7:20. Putting on the yellow dress ( which you utterly LOATHED.) Walking down the stairs and getting a green apple, cored and sliced. And saying hello to the maids. Done at 7:25. You then walked to the garden asking for a rose, and getting one in red pink or white, you would walk to the limo set up for you. Getting in at 7:30. You would then be drove to the school. By then you would be done with the Apple. Getting out of the car at 7:45. You would walk to your locker and put away the jacket if you had one on. Then you would walk to home room giving the rose to your best friend mia, and sit down at precisely 8:00. When the bell rang. This was your unwritten schedule. Never changed by anyone. But one day on January 26th at 7:26 your maid gave you a letter with yo
:iconpiggysxdoxfly:piggysxdoxfly 20 5
my art by piggysxdoxfly my art :iconpiggysxdoxfly:piggysxdoxfly 0 0 Science Cat by piggysxdoxfly Science Cat :iconpiggysxdoxfly:piggysxdoxfly 2 1 nyan cat tutorial by piggysxdoxfly nyan cat tutorial :iconpiggysxdoxfly:piggysxdoxfly 2 1 Pet Rock.. by piggysxdoxfly Pet Rock.. :iconpiggysxdoxfly:piggysxdoxfly 4 1 Scotland by piggysxdoxfly Scotland :iconpiggysxdoxfly:piggysxdoxfly 2 5 Fancy Crab by piggysxdoxfly Fancy Crab :iconpiggysxdoxfly:piggysxdoxfly 28 6 Depression Turtle by piggysxdoxfly Depression Turtle :iconpiggysxdoxfly:piggysxdoxfly 3 1


choose your character by Misonaru choose your character :iconmisonaru:Misonaru 130 3 Winter Time - Toph Bei Fong by TophWei Winter Time - Toph Bei Fong :icontophwei:TophWei 4,300 664 Eye Studies #3 by Kipichuu Eye Studies #3 :iconkipichuu:Kipichuu 4,078 356 All Grown Up: Pokemon by IsaiahStephens All Grown Up: Pokemon :iconisaiahstephens:IsaiahStephens 5,750 376 sister by Tomiokajiro sister :icontomiokajiro:Tomiokajiro 25,732 1,045 undertaker by Telemaniakk undertaker :icontelemaniakk:Telemaniakk 819 43
Russian Stereotypes..
"Everyone drinks Vodka?"
The tall Russian man names Ivan, looked up to his dear friend (your name), who was 'supposed' to be looking for information about America. Don't ask why he wanted HER specifically to do it, maybe it was because he just liked seeing her. But for now, he was wishing he hadn't.
"No (your name)." Ivan replied, although chuckling to himself since HE was drinking vodka at the moment himself.
"Is Russia cold all year round?" (Your name) asked again, still looking at the computer screen in front of her.
Ivan felt like it was going to burn her eyes.
"No no (your name) it's not. But, why are you-"
"Russians only own warm clothes?"
Ivan gave her a 'are-you-retarded' look, before sighing and going towards her. Leaning over her shoulder, and peering at the computer screen. 'Russian Stereotypes' was the main page.
"Why are looking at this (your name)? You're supposed to look for America's weaknesses."
"I know I know. Hold on." (your name) giggled, making Ivan lean back a lit
:icon1meh8:1meh8 955 44
FOR SALE: Rainbow Dash Custom Plush by Nazegoreng FOR SALE: Rainbow Dash Custom Plush :iconnazegoreng:Nazegoreng 2,091 422 Two Dragons Pen Design by Lucky978 Two Dragons Pen Design :iconlucky978:Lucky978 1,113 37 --SOLD-- Hand Made Poseable Leaf Tail Guardian! by Wood-Splitter-Lee --SOLD-- Hand Made Poseable Leaf Tail Guardian! :iconwood-splitter-lee:Wood-Splitter-Lee 2,462 101 Disney High: Merida by Nina-D-Lux Disney High: Merida :iconnina-d-lux:Nina-D-Lux 2,335 104 Learn Manga Basics: Pleated Skirts by Naschi Learn Manga Basics: Pleated Skirts :iconnaschi:Naschi 13,828 191 Learn Manga Basics: Frills by Naschi Learn Manga Basics: Frills :iconnaschi:Naschi 8,083 93 Learn Manga Basics: Ribbons by Naschi Learn Manga Basics: Ribbons :iconnaschi:Naschi 8,804 83 Leafeon sketch by MilesofCrochet Leafeon sketch :iconmilesofcrochet:MilesofCrochet 14 11


It takes 10,000 hours to be TRULY good at something. These people have DEFINITELY taken the time you need to be as good as they are. People like these inspire me to continue drawing and crafting so maybe one day I can be as good as them!
Sooooooooooo check them out! 
This guy is amazing at drawing! Just check out his gallery! From original to tutorial-based this guy is phenomenal!
From realistic to manga! This girl has BEAUTIFULL art work. Check out her gallery!
This person's clay charms,earcuffs,and jewelry are so adorable and cute!Go to her gallery! person has awesome clothing stuffs! I love her art work! You should check it out!
Poetry GOD. check him out too! Seriously. Do it.
So to all aspiring artists like myself keep trying!Never give up on your dreams and check these guys out! 
-thank you to the people I've mentioned you guys are great!-
<3 piggysxdoxfly

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alice meritana
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:above::above::above::above::above::above::above::above::above: so wish I could marry this dude.....
Hey people! My name is alice! I love to draw, paint and love to write!
(\ __ /)
(=' .'= )
I love bunnies!
^^ ^^
And all cute animals!
I love manga, and memes.
I love to brainstorm.....
Guinea Pig Love stamp by Animal-Stamp
And I have a guinea pig
Ouran Honey-sempai Stamp by erjanks
And love honey
Kyoya Stamp by ThespianOwl
And kyoya the shadow king


APH: I love Feliciano Stamp by Chibikaede
And think feli is the most adorable country on the planet

Doctor who is amazing
the doctor stamp by Stamp-Your-Stamp
Especially David tennet


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